Improve customer retention and loyalty

By continuing research throughout the customer lifetime you maintain a current understanding of your customers and the factors that influence their decisions.

We conduct over 250,000 market research and customer satisfaction surveys annually, including:

  • Simple questionnaires
  • More complex quota driven global engagements
  • Ongoing NPS (Net Promoter Score) programmes
  • TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) compliance calls

Elevate your customer experience

To improve your customer experience, you need to understand the experiences you’re delivering – and the only way to do this is to connect and converse with your target audience.

We conduct Voice of Customer (VoC) research that drills down into:

  • Perceptions: how customers view your brand and solutions
  • Interactions: the customer experience
  • Expectations: what your customers expect to gain from doing business with you

Future-proof your sales and marketing strategy

Identify actionable customer insights

Through ongoing voice-based research, you can:

  • Reduce churn
    Understand why customers are exploring other avenues, so you can provide a better service to the next customer – and hopefully also win your old customers back.
  • Extend customer lifetime value
    Keep track of new customer challenges or successes, gain insight into how their goals are evolving, so you can continue supporting their success.
  • Increase retention of the most profitable customers
    Understand which customers offer the most potential value to your business, now and in the future. Then nurture stronger relationships with them through personal and meaningful conversations.

1. Welcome Calls

Building Customer Relationships

An effective welcome call helps to create a foundation for a lasting relationship.

Retaining customers costs less than acquiring them, so it makes sense to have a robust retention strategy in place – starting as soon as a prospect is converted.

Make your brand stand out and reduce customer churn

A welcome call is an opportunity to:

  • Reach out to your customers and thank them for their business.
  • Set up customers correctly on your system
  • Introduce key contacts and your on-boarding process
  • Assess whether you’ve delivered on promises and met expectations (part of a TCF/compliance process in regulated industries)
  • Handle any queries then and there

A secure foundation for customer success

If new customers feel confident with your offering, they gain greater value, which in turns boosts customer success and retention. A welcome call can also:

  • Gather insights to drive up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Secure opt-ins for future marketing communications
  • Network and learn about other individuals within the account
  • Avoid issues from becoming a problem further into the sales process

Why outsource your welcome calls to Teleperform ?

We have run hundreds campaigns of this type and can work with you to design a call strategy around the specific outcomes you need. We can:

  • Scale to manage fluctuating requirements (following a large product launch, for example)
  • Free your in-house team to focus on their core functions
  • Access native language speakers which you may not have for all new markets

Our expert, customer centric approach helps you to gain maximum value from your hard-won new client relationships

2. Customer Satisfaction

Are you meeting customer expectations? And if not, why?

Gain a more nuanced view of your customers’ experiences through phone-based surveys.

We conduct over 250,000 customer satisfaction surveys every year behalf of our clients, from simple questionnaires to more complex quota-driven global engagements.

Gain measurable and actionable feedback

As customer loyalty becomes trickier to earn, it’s vital to test the waters regularly:

  • What are you doing right?
  • Where do you need to improve?

Telephone-based customer satisfaction surveys can deliver powerful, actionable insight – to optimise sales strategies and lower operating costs. 

How do you measure up?

When asking for customer feedback you must ask the right questions, in the most relevant way. 

Phone-based surveys provide an opportunity to capture richer insights, drill down gently into problem areas and escalate issues for rapid remediation. Our specialist research division acts as an authentic extension of your business and brand to deliver continual voice of customer insight, ranging from Net Promoter Scores to complex verbatim capture of comment.

We can help you to measure:

  • Ease of doing business (using Customer Effort and NetEasy Score surveys)
  • Relevance of your current offering
  • Willingness to advocate your business (using Net Promoter Score surveys)

Why partner with us?

We’re flexible, quick to market and able to deal with complex requirements including.

  • Large-scale Consumer and B2B research
  • Complex quota management