Actionable insight to inform your sales and marketing strategy

Arm your sales and marketing teams with clear customer intelligence and accurate data.

Structured, streamlined and effective telephone interviewing services to support your prospect research and drive more strategic sales and marketing campaigns.

Target strategically and boost customer engagement

Phone-based customer and market segmentation research allows you to build deeper relationships with prospects and deliver messages that resonate with each segment. We provide the customer insights you need to:

  • Focus on the most relevant prospects
  • Tailor your approach and craft messaging to suit niche audience segments
  • Engage with customers in more personal and meaningful ways

Why partner with Teleperfrom?

Technology, insight and experience

We provide high-quality English and multi-lingual prospect research for both agencies and direct clients. Our expertise guides effective survey design and drives consistent, verifiable results – backed by blanket call recordings.

Our dedicated team of expert, IQCS-accredited and AITS-trained interviewers are:

  • Fast: With 180 CATI stations, we can work on rapid turnaround projects of any scale
  • Flexible: : Our CATI services span prospect research, customer satisfaction surveys, FCA-regulated Treating Customers Fairly compliance surveys and more.
  • Reliable: : We operate to strict and robust quality standards to deliver consistent insight across hundreds of thousands of surveys per year.

Ready to find out how you can connect with your audience more effectively?